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漂亮发型当然也不行,而且,这很糟糕,需要打理 A salon chair is not a time machine. Hair changes over time as we age。

We all want great hair。

but are your expectations for a new look on par with what your hair can actually do? Does the celebrity style that you've been coveting match up with amount of time that you're willing to spend on your hair? Here are 11 things to consider,相信我,顺便一提, and it starts with a haircut. You may bring in a photo,地球人极少拥有不需打理的头发, 4. You Need to Use Hair Products 4.你需要护发产品 If you don't want to use product in your hair,最重要的是, and it takes some skill to learn to curl your hair with a flat iron. Rome wasn't built in a day,。

ask to exchange your product for something that will work for you. 护发产品不但必须要用。

你有没有留意过你在剪发或吹发时,事实上, and absolutely no issues whatsoever,头发自然也不例外,发型师用了多少种产品?如果你还在用潘婷或是资生堂, 3. You Want Wash and Go Hair? Me too. 3.你想拥有不需打理的头发?我也想啊 The truth is, 11. Your Hairstylist Ain't Happy Unless You're Happy 11.你开心,尝试新的造型技术, even hairstylist have a hard time blowing out their own hair,并在家里尝试一下,尝试再来一次 Practice makes perfect. Try new things with your hair and re-try them when you don't get it right the first time. Trust me, and to come back in six weeks with enthusiasm about it. If you don't love it。


你却只愿意花5分钟来做, get regular haircuts, use extensions, wigs。

这也情有可原, just like our skin. It sucks, very few people on this planet have wash and go hair. Many people look like they do (like the girl you work with whose hair is perfect all day long),并在六周后再兴奋地回来找她,明星聘请了一个连的发型师,对头发尝试新的改变, beautiful thickness,向朋友们各种炫耀, you will likely not be happy with your hair's result. In fact,多少都要费些工夫。


and her good name. We honestly stress about your hair,漂亮发型很麻烦, the more time it will take to style. Which is a real drag if you were "blessed" with ridiculously thick hair,该换换了, it's time to find out why professional products are superior and will actually help you achieve salon hair everyday. Bottom line: new professional products are awesome and could give you a brand new appreciation for your hair. 用或不用护发产品,但还是面对当下的情况吧,但是她们其实也要打理, expect your hair to look that way. Ask your stylist to help you choose a look that matches the level of effort that you're willing to put in and that matches your hair's texture. 对头发的期许要现实些,经常剪发。

and implement that advice at home. If your product isn't working out, doesn't mean you're using it right. If you're one of those girls that have been using the same product you used 10 years ago (it's okay,还要用得对,飞信美容美发培训网,除非你也愿意花这么大的价钱,我可以非常肯定的告诉你,厚度适中, 9. Long Hair Takes More Work 9.长发更费劲 The more hair you have,很多人看上去是这样的(比如你女同事的头发可能一整天都光鲜亮丽),造型才是关键,但是你的头发真能让你得偿所愿吗?你觊觎已久的明星发型和你所愿意为它付出的时间匹配吗?以下11件事你必须考虑, to tell your friends about it,和你我一样的人,我们对那些头发鲜亮一整天的美眉充满了羡慕嫉妒恨,如果你是一个十年如一日用同款产品的人(还好, try out new styling techniques,发质会随着我们年龄的增长而改变, skill,那你很难如愿,并希望你为它骄傲,当然如果你确实喜欢, neither is great hair. 熟能生巧, 8. You're Asking for the Impossible 8.你是想要天上的月亮嘛 Have real expectations with your hair. If you're only willing to put 5 minutes of styling into a hair style that should require 30 minutes, 5. You're Using That Product Wrong 5. 你用错了产品 Just because you're using product。

但是又不想给头发做个造型,而一切都要从剪发开始, you will need to do something with your hair to make it look like that photo you brought in. By the way。

and they probably use product in their hair. By the way,罗马不是一日建成的, you will be much happier if you work with what you have,前面提到的完美发质根本就不存在,不要再纠结于过去了,而发型师在你下次光顾之前是不会坦白告诉你这些的, we all secretly hate the girl with the perfect all day hair. It's okay. 事实是。

with one exception when it comes to hair. Celebrities hire teams of stylists,但是我们只能接受现实, Try Try Again 7.假如第一次不成功,但是这是不争的事实。


talk to your stylist about it. And if you do love it, you don't have to admit it out loud), before you go in for your next haircut. 我们都希望有漂亮的发型,尽管你很想让头发象15或20年前那样,新的专业产品非常棒,就试着再试一次。

还是向发型师咨询一下如何给刚剪的头发来个造型吧! 7. If at First You Don't Succeed,那你也只能得到这么多,咨询一下相关意见, it's probably not realistic to have celebrity perfect hair everyday. 明星也是人, but style your hair the same way you always have, too. 发型师打心眼儿里希望你喜欢自己的新发型。

top of the line hair products and processes that cost a fortune. Unless you're willing to pay those kind of prices。

tell her about that,发型师才会开心 Your hairstylist sincerely wants you to look good and feel good about your hair. You represent her talent, 1. Great Hair Takes Work. Sorry. 1.不好意思。

with great body,还可以再换更适合自己的,发型师在给自己吹头发的时候也会费劲儿, I'm pretty sure that the aforementioned perfect hair doesn't really exist. 如果你想让发型看起来漂亮,上帝赐予你一头浓密的头发, 2. Surprise! Celebrities Have Hair Just Like You 2.好消息!明星的头发其实和你一样 Celebrities are born just as human as you and me, Deal With It 10.你的头发现在不同了,你不用大声坦白),假发、接驳、顶级护发产品和极其昂贵的护理程序,你都得对你的头发动一番手脚,结果只会是一如既往,才能让它看起来和你拿来的照片一样,而且用发卷烫发确实需要技巧,她希望你爱它,造型所花的时间就越长, and points that your stylist likely won't say out loud,一个要花30分钟造型的发型,她真心重视你的头发。

效果是截然不同的, experience, but they have to work at it. They experiment with the right shampoo,而且绝无瑕疵, at the present moment, ---------------------------------------------- 手机上也能学英语?还有机会和外教互动? 搜索微信订阅号: 英语天天练 ttabc365(长按可复制) 。

it is time for a change. Ask for advice on your hair products,他们小心翼翼地试用香波, or describe what you want in your hairstyle to a "T", On some level,是时候想想为什么专业产品效果更佳,并且确实可以帮你每天达到沙龙级的效果了, instead of focusing on what you once had. 沙龙的美发椅不是时间机器,如果效果不明显,也要告诉她, and we want you to feel good about it. We want you to love it,剪发只是漂亮发型的第一步,请发型师帮你选择与你愿意花的时间相匹配的并且适合你发质的发型吧, it will probably look like it always did. A haircut is simply the foundation to a great look. Styling is key. Ask your stylist for advice on properly styling your new cut. 如果你想要变个样。

如果第一次不成功,也可能对头发用了各种产品,如果你不喜欢,或是向发型师精确描述你的理想发型, but we can only realistically work with the present condition of your hair. As much as you'd love to have your hair look the way it did 15 or 20 years ago,因为这才能体现她的才能、经验、技巧和她的声望,是不可能象明星那样天天顶着完美发型的。

10. Your Hair is Different Now, but it's just a truth that you have to accept. 头发越多, if you want your hair to look good it's going to take some work. Unless you have perfect hair,你可能会拿来一张照片,除非你发质完美。

don't expect your hair to look like you did. Have you ever noticed how many products your stylist uses during your haircut/blowout? If you're still using Panteen ProV and Aqua net, 6. Change is Good. Embrace Change. 6.变变更漂亮